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EMT Trauma Kits - Grainger Industrial Supply

EMT Trauma Kits. 206 products. EMT trauma kits include a selection of triage equipment for treating major and life-threatening injuries. They contain items to stop blood loss, treat broken bones, and treat other traumatic injuries, as well as apply other first aid. View More.

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Buy Aeds, Aed Supplies, and EMS equipment at the lowest prices! Philips heartStart, Zoll, and Ferno. Iowa's largest AED and EMS equipment supplier

EMI Tactical Deluxe Gunshot/trauma Kit | Free Shipping ...

The TACMED Gunshot/ Trauma Kits are invaluable kits that could save your life, your partners, victims or patients. EMI's latest edition to its tactical product line is our TACMED Deluxe Gunshot. Now the first responder can choose between three different styles - Basic, Deluxe with the R.A.T. Tourniquet or Deluxe with the M.A.T. Tourniquet.

EMI Basic Holster Set I Black I Coast Biomedical Equipment

EMI's Colormed Basic Holster sets are economically priced yet provide EMS personnel with all your basic response instruments • The 1st response holster has ample room for additional instruments. The right cost just for everyone! Included: • 1st Response Holster • 5 1/2 Colorband Scissors • EMS Deluxe Shears • Disposable Penlight

MDHHS - Michigan Protocols

Michigan Protocols. Each MCA is required to establish written protocols as defined in Section 20919 of the Public Health Code. Protocols adopted by the MCA and approved by the department have the force and effect of law. Licensed life support agencies and individuals are accountable to the MCA in the provision of emergency medical services as ...

Medical Kits for Public Safety Professionals & Civilians

Medical Kits. Our medical kits for first responders and civilians are one the most critical pieces of gear to keep on your person at all times. We have kits available for the minimally trained all the way to the seasoned professional including first aid kits, trauma kits, IFAK kits, basic/advanced life support kits, blood pressure kits and more.

North American Rescue Trauma Shears

Black is the perfect color for trauma shears in the tactical environment... the improved NAR Trauma Shears from North American Rescue offer premium-grade stainless steel with contoured handles all in a unique black color. Built for safety and efficiency, they let tactical healthcare professionals get the job done, and get it done right.

Medical Equipment Bags and Cases - Grainger Industrial Supply

Medical equipment bags and cases hold supplies and equipment used by medical professionals attending to accident scenes, emergency calls, and in-home health exams. Also known as response bags, trauma bags are large, soft-sided bags carried by first responders. Pannier bags are soft-sided bags that fit onto emergency medical services (EMS) bikes.

Trauma 101 Activity Packet - ed

UNDERSTANDING TRAUMA AND ITS IMPACT ACTIVITY PACKET 4 PART 1: WHAT IS TRAUMA AND WHO IS AFFECTED? The facilitator summarizes the key takeaways from Part 1 of Understanding Trauma and Its Impact. In Part 1 of Understanding Trauma and Its Impact, we learned that Experiences become traumatic when they overwhelm our ability to cope.

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Stretchers & Patient Transport Arts & Crafts Bags & Backpacks ... Multiple Options Available Multiple Options Available EMI Fanny Pack, Nylon, Yellow ... EMI Bulk Pro Response Trauma Kit, Hook-and-Loop Zoro # G4778907 Mfr # 851. $198.46 $198.46 ...

EMI Emergency Tactical Response Kit, Black | CPR Savers ...

Be prepared for any tactical/medical emergency with the Emergency Tactical Response Response Kit. It contains all the essential equipment needed for the 1st responder in tactical situations. To keep your equipment organized EMI's Pro Response Bag is ideal with its easy access, durability, and storage.

FEMA - Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Home Page

The Emergency Management Institute's Mission: To support the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA's goals by improving the competencies of the U.S. officials in Emergency Management at all levels of government to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the potential effects of all types of disasters and emergencies on …

Emergency health kits - WHO

Interagency Emergency Health Kit (IEHK) 2017. Cholera kits 2020. Trauma and Emergency Surgery Kit (TESK) 2019. Non communicable diseases kit (NCDK) 2016. Pneumonia kit 2020. PED/SAM 2020. Measles kit 2021. Major trauma backpack (for medical doctors) Collection, testing and transfusion kit (CTT) 2021.

TACMED Gunshot/ Trauma Kit - DNA Tactical

The gunshot/trauma kit comes in either a 6"x 6" Molle Pouch or in an EMI Emergency Response Holster (#680). The kit is a true lifesaver and a must have in tactical/medical emergencies. The TACMED Gunshot/ Trauma Kit …

EMI Emergency Tactical Response Gunshot Kit - MOLLE Pouch

The gunshot/trauma kit comes in either a 6"x 6" Molle Pouch or in an EMI Emergency Response Holster (#680). The kit is a true lifesaver and a must have in tactical/medical emergencies. The TACMED Gunshot/ Trauma Kit Includes: 1 - Quick Clot -25g Sponge. 1 - Deluxe EMT Shears. 1 - Asherman Chest Seal. 4 - Nitrile Gloves. 1 - Blood Stopper Bandage.

MDHHS - Michigan Statewide Trauma System

Michigan Statewide Trauma System. Trauma is the leading cause of death in people ages 1-44 in the nation and it accounts for 47% of all deaths in this age group. In Michigan, crash related deaths alone cost $1.04 billion per year. The overall goal of a trauma system is to reduce the incidence and severity of injury as well as to improve health ...

EMI Tactical Deluxe Gunshot/Trauma Kit - EMI - …

Quick Clot quickly forms a powerful clot that can be easily applied to yourself or to others. The gunshot/trauma kit comes in either a 7.5"x 6" Molle Pouch and weighs approximately 2lbs. Specifications. SKU. EMI-9141. Brand. EMI - …


trauma and the challenges and problems their clients, patients and residents, and even co-workers, present. From the time the trauma occurs, people can experience the effects in all stages of their life and in their day to day activities - parenting, working, socializing, attending appointments - and interpersonal relationships.

EMI Pro Response™ 2 Complete Kit - Public Safety Center

EMI Pro Response™ 2 Complete – 1 KIT PER BOX The Pro Response™ 2 Complete bag and kit you are ready to handle most serious medical and trauma emergencies. This complete kit features the EMI Pro Response™ 2 Bag. The durable and rugged 1000 Denier nylon bag has a removable center section with 11 padded compartments and 3 adjustable sections. The top …

EMI Multi Trauma EMS Response Kit

The comprehensive EMI Multi Trauma Response Kit provides all the essential supplies and equipment for the treatment of multiple patients. Everything is packed in rugged, Cordura …

MCI Kits | Mass Casualty Triage Kits | Bound Tree

The MCI Walk QuikLitters Kit offers trauma treatment and evacuation for multiple patients all in one vehicle kit. Includes 8 non-rigid, disposable QuikLitters & Point-of-Wounding Medical Supplies in a rugged, configurable nylon backpack. Features: All-in-one trauma treatment & evacuation platform for treatment of multiple trauma patients

Military Trauma Kits | First Responder Medical Gear

Military trauma and first responder kits are utilized in extremely stressful situations, so these kits must contain a wide variety of wound dressings, suture material, scalpels and IV kits. In addition to helping stop life threatening bleeds, tactical first aid kits will have tourniquets, bleeding management kits, trauma dressings and ...

First Responder Kits & Trauma Bags

EMS-Trauma & First Responder Bags: Save! Lowest Prices on the widest selection and best priced for first responder kits and first responder bags - From full first responder medical bags to basic workplace and community first responder kits. If you want a first responder medical kit or trauma bag, check out this section or give us a call toll free to compare the differences in our …

EMI TacMed Gunshot and Trauma Kit | Tactical Gear Australia

The gunshot/trauma kit comes in either a 6"x 6" Molle Pouch or in an EMI Emergency Response Holster. The kit is a true lifesaver and a must have in tactical/medical emergencies.The TACMED™ Gunshot/ Trauma Kit Includes:1 - Quick Clot -25g Sponge1 - Deluxe EMT Shears1 - Asherman Chest Seal4 - Nitrile Gloves1 - Blood Stopper Bandage1 - 3"x ...