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The cap shall be worn by male members square on the head with the peak in line with the eyebrows. The black woven cap band shall be fitted with the seam in line with the front seam of the cap. Hat, Service. The hat shall be worn by members square on the head with the brim parallel to the ground.

Annex C (PSG In-Brief) to 1-507th BACSOP 1. General

Mopeds on Army installation roads and streets IAW AR 385-10, sec. 6-5. (5) Male Soldiers will be clean shaven each day prior to first formation. Mustaches and shaving profiles are not authorized at the Basic Airborne Course. (6) Boot blousing rubbers or bands of any type are not authorized. (Sister Services will

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How to Blouse Your Boots 1. First, pull on your trousers, put on your boots and tie and tuck the laces. Then, pull your trousers back down to your boots. How to Blouse Your Boots 2. Next, pull the trouser legs up so that the hem is anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches above your boots.

How to Blouse Boots- Everything You Need to Know

If you will use boot blouser, put on your pants the usual way. Put the boot blouse over your foot up to the lower calf or above the combat boot. Pull the string around your leg and make sure that it is perfectly placed on top of the boot. 5. …

AR 670-1: Chapter 20-3: Army Combat Boots - HCDMAG.COM

When the trousers or slacks are bloused properly, the bloused portion of the trousers or slacks should not extend below the third eyelet from the top of the boot. Soldiers will not blouse boots so that the bloused portion extends down to the ankle area of the boot.

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These specifications can be found under Army Regulation 670-1. For more information about AR 670-1 compliance regulations, please visit DA PAM 670-1 for details. AR 670-1 Authorized Boots: One of the best OCP boots is the Nike SFB Gen 2 Lt Boot. This Nike OCP boot is constructed with cushioned midsoles, breathability and ample flexibility that ...

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Whether it's the Desert Combat Uniform (DCU), the Navy Working Uniform (NWU), the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) or the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU), the uniform needs to conform to military tradition and culture. Blousing the trousers is an easy way to achieve that decorum.

AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and …

wear and appearance of Army uniforms and insignia, as worn by officers and en-listed personnel of the active and reserve components of the Army, as well as by former soldiers. Applicability. This regulation applies to active and retired Army, Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS) and U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) person-nel.

General AR670-1 Guidlines for Army Uniform -

Soldiers will not blouse the boots so that the trouser leg extends down to the ankle area. When bloused, the trousers should not extend below the third eyelet from the top of the boot. When soldiers wear the sleeves of the coat rolled up, the camouflage pattern will remain exposed.

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Navy Uniform Regulations: Boots and Accessories. Boots are part of every military uniform. From combat situations to day-to-day work scenarios, most of your time in the military will be spent with boots on your feet. Normally, the most sailors wear steel-toe boots. However, every so often a new instruction is released that permits servicemen to ...

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In the lore, the paratroopers came to espouse the belief that they were the sole members of the US Army permitted, note, "permitted," not "authorized by regulation," to blouse their trousers outside their boots (though the expression is to "blouse boots" not "blouse pants" or "blouse trousers") and took grave offense at any ...

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U.S. Army Footwear in the 1960s and 1970s. The black leather combat boot was introduced in 1958 based on the previous, nearly identical, Boots, Service, Combat, Russet M1948. It was 10 1/2 inches high with rubber sole, polished grain leather and cap toes. The black boot was revised in 1962, to a height of 8 1/2 inches and the cap toes were ...

AR 670-1: Chapter 6: Aircrew Uniform - HCDMAG.COM

Soldiers are authorized to wear the sand undershirt, sand rigger belt, and tan combat boots with the UCP, OCP, and/or OEF-CP A2CU until the wear out date of the UCP ACU. The tan 499 undershirt, tan 499 rigger belt, and coyote …

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ABU Boot Regulations – Sage Green Boots. Based on the Vietnam-era uniform of the same style, the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) will be on its way out starting in October. That said, it might make more financial sense to wear the uniform for as many as a few more years – the mandatory wear date for OCP isn't until April 1st, 2021.


Army blousing allows some leeway in the length of the bloused trousers, specifying they may not extend past the third boot eyelet. Navy regulations call for the trousers of the Navy Working Uniform to be bloused so that the the trousers cover the top three boot eyelets, while the Marine Corps' rules simply call for the blousing to be in a "neat ...

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According to Regulation 670-1 of the Army dress code, all trousers must be bloused for work uniforms. Blousing prevents rocks, debris and insects from getting inside the boot or up the pant leg. Although blousing may seem difficult at first, with a little practice any new recruit can learn to blouse his trousers.

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In the most recent regulation update, AR 670-1 Army combat boots were defined as having: A coyote brown outsole made of rubber or PU that is no more than 2-inches in height; An 8-inch ankle height; Logos must be subdued to the boot; Find out more about AR670-1 compliant boots at the US Patriot blog When shopping for OCP boots, choose wisely


army trouser blousers boot bands green elastic. Elastic trouser blousers (also called boot blousers) are an excellent choice for those who find metal blousers uncomfortable or abrasive. Hold the two bands parallel and wrap one twice around the other so they cross in the middle; take the ends of one of the bands and loop them around each other twice; then hold the four end …


This regulation applies to all Active Army and Reserve component training conducted at service schools, Army training centers, or other training activities under Headquarters, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) control. Proponent and exception authority. The proponent for this regulation is the Deputy Chief of Staff, TRADOC.

Army Combat Uniform Boots

The standard Army Combat Uniform Boots are coyote tan boots made with suede lowers and fabric (nylon) uppers. The soles must be rubber or polyether polyurethane. Boots must be laced and tied with the excess lace tucked or wrapped around the top of the boot and the trousers will be worn bloused above the boots. Commercially available boots, like ...

Uniform Regulation on Boot Blousings -

Uniform Regulation on Boot Blousings Does anybody know if there is an official order/regulation/maradmin that addresses the proper way to blouse your boots besides "When combat boots are worn, the trousers will be bloused in a neat uniform manner" as stated in Paragraph 3038, Section 3 of MCO P1020.34G?

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1. Continue this thread. level 1. [deleted] · 5y. Blousing in garrison, tucked in the field. Blousing just looks better (imo). I really feel like tucking trousers into boots looks bad and it feels weird too. If I'm in the field I'll tuck them in for the sake of critters and all.

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The Army is a profession. By wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army, Soldiers follow the legacy of those who served before them. Our uniforms embody the professionalism and commitment to …

AR 670-1: Chapter 6: Aircrew Uniform - HCDMAG.COM

The Army Aircrew Combat Uniform (A2CU) in the UCP or OCP is a daily work, utility, and field uniform for aircrew members (see figs 6–1 and 6–2). ... Boots, combat: tan or coyote leather (see para 20–3a). Headgear (see para 4–10). ... For blousing purposes, there are tabs with hook-and-loop tape closures on the lower legs. b. Soldiers ...